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American Muslim Association (A.M.A.) is calling on Americans who value peace and justice to reach out to their representatives & Senators.

Step 1: Find out who your Congressional leaders are


Step 2:  When calling your representative and Senator

Example phone call Script

[You call your representative's office]

Representative's Office: Hello, this is [Representative's Name]'s office. How can we assist you today?

You: Hi, my name is [Your Name], and I'm a constituent in your district. I'm calling to express my strong support for a ceasefire in Palestine and to urge Representative [Representative's Last Name] to support this important initiative.

Representative's Office: Thank you for reaching out, [Your Name]. We appreciate your input. Could you briefly explain why you believe a ceasefire is important?

You: Certainly. The ongoing conflict in Palestine has caused immense suffering and loss of life for civilians. It's a humanitarian crisis that requires immediate attention. I Urge [Representative's Last Name] to Co-sponsoring and supporting the Ceasefire Now Resolution and bills similar to it. A ceasefire would not only save thousands of innocent lives but can also create an opportunity for peace. We need to work towards a sustainable resolution to this conflict, and a ceasefire is a crucial first step. Every life is valuable: Israeli, Palestinian, or any other; however, this compassion and attention is only given to Israelis and not the Palestinians, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Palestinian civilians.

Representative's Office: We understand your concerns, [Your Name]. We will relay your message to the Representative [Representative's Name]. Is there anything specific you would like us to emphasize when we share your thoughts with the Representative?

You: Yes, please emphasize the urgent need for a ceasefire and the importance of our representative's support in advocating for peace, stability, and the autonomy of Palestine. The only way to permanently stop these cycles of violence is to end the Israeli government’s illegal occupation of Palestine, which kills hundreds now thousands of Palestinian civilians every year and subjects millions more men, women and children to systemic, racist oppression, and also takes the lives of Israeli civilians. Moreover, Israeli leaders and advocates acknowledge Israel’s occupation is like South African apartheid. The former head of Mossad (Tamir Pardo) said recently: “There is an apartheid state here…In a territory where two people are judged under two legal systems, that is an apartheid state.” The world rallied around Black South Africans, acknowledging their right to freedom. The Palestinians should be afforded the same right. The violence must end, the only way this will be achieved if Palestine is free.   

Representative's Office: Thank you for your input, [Your Name]. We will convey your message to the Representative [Representative's Last Name] and consider your concerns. Your voice is important to us.

You: Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope that Representative [Representative's Last Name] will support the call for a ceasefire in Palestine. It's a critical step towards a more peaceful and stable Middle East.

Representative's Office: We'll do our best to ensure your message is heard. Have a great day, [Your Name].

You: You too. Thank you for your assistance. Goodbye.

[End of the phone call]

What if I can’t reach my representatives by phone?

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